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I help companies look their best.

I design & create everything from logos to custom software. If you need it done right, and quickly, I’m your man.

Mobile Applications | Video Production | Branding | Print Design | Web Design & Applications | SEO

Case Studies

Silicon Publishing

Silicon Designer


A simple video that explains a complex (yet incredible) product. Lot’s of research was needed before diving into this one.

Once Upon Atari


Howard Scott Warshaw is the legendary gaming pioneer who created E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Yar’s revenge for Atari in the 80’s. I caught wind that he was writing a book and I was eager to be the one to design it. It’s a great read and now available on Amazon.

Mobile App & Online Platform


My client (who runs a successful Windows & Doors company in Fort Worth) wanted to give homeowners an easy way to price new windows for their home. Unlike (and similar platforms) we thought this should be an anonymous process & experience, so we created iContractor.

This is a very dynamic platform that allows homeowners to download the iContractor app (Apple/Android), create projects and receive instant estimates on-the-fly but these projects can also be submitted to the iContractor *portal* which allows window companies in their geographical area to provide their own estimates.

I designed this system from the ground up, including branding, planning, and development.

– iOS/Android Application
– iContractor Portal
– iContractor Master Administrator



Deciding where to eat can be as difficult as finding a good movie to watch. My client wanted to resolve this problem by creating an app that quickly helps you find good restaurants in your geographical area.

This is a robust app with lots of bells & whistles that narrows your dining options quickly. Now available for both iOS & Android.


My client needed a short marketing video to get the phones ringing. At the time I was obsessing with the movie JAWS, so after a few conversations we decided to spoof the film in a marketing campaign titled *Don’t Get Taken by the Sharks.”.

SunSmart Windows


My client needed a clean brochure to promote his new *Safe Haven* Window. This is an 8.5 x 11 trifold product brochure.

Rise Together


My client was launching a new life-style program and needed something clean & simple.