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The secret message app for iPhone & Android that protects your messages with secret questions.

App Features

A fun way to send messages.

Yes, there are a million messaging apps out there but we wanted to try something different. We wanted to make sending messages fun. That simple.

Protect Messages with Questions

Quiz your friends before they’re allowed to read your secret message. Put your friends to the test to see how well they know you. Better yet, drop hints and let them guess the secret question. They only get 3 tries and then the message is terminated, so they better get it right!


Add an extra layer of fun by setting a *self-destruct* timer on your secret messages. Choose from either 5 Days, 24 Hours, or 1 Hour. After that time the message self-destructs and your recipients are notified that they waited too long, and missed a chance to read your secret message! Too bad, so sad.


This fun feature allows you to send secret messages to multiple friends but only the FIRST friend to crack the message gets to read it, the others are instantly notified that they missed the opportunity because another friend got to it first. Oh, well.. Maybe next time!


Super Clean App

Designed with detail.

It’s a fun app with a professional design.

Attach Media

Pictures, Video, Audio

Your secret messages don’t have to be boring ole text-only messages. You can attach pictures, short audio clips, and short videos. Once your friends have read your message it will immediately be terminated and gone forever, including all attached media.

What Our Customers Say

Tani Tondi

This app is too much fun! I love it and send messages often!

Kati Jerry

It’s a whole new way to send messages while making it fun.

Sana Sanhi

I love sending fun messages to my kiddos. They love this app!