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I make software & service explainer videos, in a week.

After 22 years in the design business, I ended up with a lot of clients who make amazing software & applications, but explaining how to use their software was an entirely different can of worms for them. I too have created my own applications, so along with my design experience, creating explainer videos came natural. See some of my work below.



What is your process?

I spend a few days learning your software, at which point I will draft a rough *script* for you to review. Once we have fine-tuned the script I begin creating the necessary assets. I typically DO NOT send previews. After the script is finalized, I am full-speed ahead and the first video you’ll see from me is 100% complete. The whole process can generally happen in 5 days (or less).

How long does this take?

The whole process typically takes 1 week.

Can I have the source files?

I use lot’s of different Adobe apps to create my videos but the final edits happen in Adobe Premiere. I am happy to deliver source Premiere source files for an additional 25% of the project cost. I do not give asset sources files (example: custom animations created in After Effects, etc.).

I do a lot more than just videos!

Lot’s of stuff. Checkout my portfolio here:

Contact Me!

If you’re interested in starting a project, email me at