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I’m a web designer in Burleson, Texas.


My job is making companies look good. Whether it’s print collateral, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), videos or mobile app design & development, I have it covered. My clients are all over the nation but I also work directly with some really great local businesses & organizations right here in my home town, Burleson, Tx.


Don’t over pay!

It amazes me how many companies skip right over SEO. Bottom line, a properly optimized website can be a complete game-changer for any business. If nobody can find you online, you’re literally leaving money on the table, and possibly lots of it.

Don’t disregard SEO, and don’t over-pay! I can have you fixed up in a few days or less at a very reasonable rate.

Web Design

I’ll make you shine!

A good look’n website goes a long way. There are a lot of build-it-yourself website services out there but in most cases you’ll end up hiring an expert anyways. Better make it a good one!

I’ll not only make you look better than your competitors, I’ll make sure your website is easy-to-find by using solid SEO techniques. If your business isn’t on page 1 of Google then you’re missing the boat. Talk to me!

Print Design

I can design anyting!

Most of my career has been spent designing print collateral. I’ve worked with restaurants, big companies, small companies, famous people, entrepreneurs, authors, and everything in-between. Whether it’s a new logo, business card, a company brochure, book, billboard, whatever… Bring it to me… If it can be printed or published online, I can design it. If you’re not 100% happy with what you get, it’s on my dime, but you will be. 

Business Forms

Over the years I’ve created all sorts of carbonless forms, legal forms and business forms for both print and fillable PDFs. I’ve also integrated these for online access and data collection systems.

Mobile Apps

Over 60 thousand apps daily are being published to the iOS App store. Needless to say, apps are a big business and can be very helpful to companies. Are you ready to bring that app idea to life? Talk to me!


Maybe you need an infographic that explains your products or service in a visually appealing and marketable format. Perhaps you need a 60-second explainer video with some cool music and motion-graphics.

I’ve got you covered.

Tommy has a knack for quickly understanding a company’s marketing strategy and portraying it in artful marketing materials. Tommy is as good as it gets.

Michael Shapiro | CEO | Austin, Texas

Let’s talk!

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